The GLOBAL Tractor

GLOBAL Multipurpose Mini Tractor is a useful helper for gardeners and farmers especially designed for soil cultivation and load transportation.

The power is transmitted to the gearbox by a centrifugal clutch, which is always automatically clamped when rising the engine revolutions using the lever on the handlebars. The handlebars are sprung, so that the operator does not feel any vibrations. They are height and side adjustable from the operator´s place and are equipped with a safety switching off, which automatically stops the machine in case of the operator´s fall. The machine has three forward speeds, neutral and one reverse speed.

The tractor is equipped with 12” wheels with a tractor pattern and the outer weight. The wheel gauge is 610 mm. The wheels are fitted with an axle lock in three positions.

Engine type HONDA GSV 190
Handlebars adjustment Height and side
Number of speed 3 + 1 R
Travel speed 3,1 – 10,5 – 13,8 – R 3,4 km/h
Engine displacement 187 cm3
Engine power 6,5 HP
Fuel tank volume 1,1 l
Unleaded fuel 91 – 95 Oct. No.
Clutch type Centrifugal
Oil filling volume in engine 0,55 l
Oil filling volume in a gearbox 1,75 l
Engine oil grade SAE 30, 15W-40
Gearbox oil grade SAE 90, 80W-90
Wheel gauge 610 mm
Weight 165 kg
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