Rotary Hoe

Its main task is fine surface loosening and removal of small weeds between rows of grown plants. It is easier for nutrients, water and sunrays to get to the plants and your crop will perfectly prosper. Rotary hoe is delivered as a complete set, you can assemble four working width of the rotary hoe – 16, 22, 32 and 38 cm, which is in fact width of the cover. Hoeing device width is 11, 18, 27 and 33 cm. These widths enable to use the machine for many plants from small root vegetables to grapevine. The set includes all the necessary combinations of safety covers. The front wheel and the rear share can be adjusted. A safety starting stand is delivered in the set as well, it can also be used for storing of the rotary hoe. We used hoeing blades of new design, made of high-strength steel. Maximum working depth is 2-8 cm.

The rotary hoe can be used during the growing season, even on large plots and in tree nurseries. It is immediately ready for work thanks to the quick-coupling clamps of our engines and it saves hours of slow work with a hand hoe.

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