Designed and conditioned for all types of soils, terrains, and comunal works, the GLOBAL multipurpose tractor has a wide range of active and passive accessories. This enables it to be used all year round for everything from land preparation to post harvest.

The 15-in-1 Multipurpose Solution

Benefits of the GLOBAL System

Highly flexible

Our multipurpose system has a wide range of passive and active accessories. This means it can be used all year round for all types of soils, terrain, and communal works.

Cost effective

By owning only one powering unit and one gearbox, one can gradually buy accessories depending on his needs instead of buying multiple single-purpose machines.

Less maintenance

Powered by a single HONDA engine, the operation of a system requires less maintenance than alternatives and minimum use of fuel, reducing operational costs.

Long lifespan

The GLOBAL system is highly durable, as evidenced by its verified long service life span of twenty years. Thus, the purchase of a unit is a true long-term investment.


GLOBAL was founded by African engineers who observed the ineficiencies of foreign agricultural technologies in the context of the African climate. Instead, our technology is custom-made for the local agricultural enviornment, providing superior performance.

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